All about the most expensive election in the history of India : The 17th Lok Sabha Election

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The Detail

17th Lok Sabha Election will be held in 7phases from 11 April to 19 May 2019.  And the results will be declared on 23rd May. It will cover 543 constituencies.  This time it will take 39 days to complete the election. 1980  elections were the shortest election, which was completed in just 4 days.

This time about 90 Crore people of India are eligible voters, which is more than the population of Europe and Australia combined. ( Source BBC news)

Simultaneously in Arunachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim, and Odisha, state assembly election will also be held.

As per US-based expert,  2019 Lok Sabha election of India will be the most expensive in the history of India and will be the most expensive election ever held in any democratic country. The cost of 2014 Lok Sabha election was around  Rs.3481 crore, therefore now in 2019 how much will be the cost of election can be estimated.

The Condition : What’s In Favour of Ruling BJP

GST implementation, Infrastructure development, reduced corruption, Ujjwala Yojana, Ayushmaan Bharat scheme, measures to reduce the income tax burden on the middle class, measures and strict actions taken for national security are the biggest accomplishments of Modi Government.

What’s not in favor of the Ruling BJP.

Unhappy farmer because of reduced income and increasing rate of unemployment are the biggest worries of the ruling government

What are the factors in favor of the opposition INC ( Indian National Congress)

Minimum Income Guarantee Scheme, which is promised by the Congress Party in its 2019 election manifesto, which ensures the minimum income of Rs.6000 per month or Rs.72000 per year to around 5 crores poorest families of India. Increased rate of unemployment and unhappy farmers are some of the points which may favor the Congress party. In UP, the election campaign done by Priyanka Gandhi was also very much effective, it may help the party to bring more votes.

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