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Artificial Intelligence coming up in Aviation security check systems

Aviation security

New tech inventions are coming up in aviation security that can enhance the security and reduce the security check time . Two of which are discussed here.

  1. Walk Through security scanning

Developed by Cardiff University, U.K , the technology for “walk-through security scanning” is derived from astronomy detection. It uses infra-red cameras ,  which are so sensitive that they could “see” a 100-watt light bulb from half-a-million miles away. The camera sensitivity requires temperatures just one-quarter of a degree above absolute zero: 273 degrees below freezing. Therefore, the technology detects human body radiation due to its warmth and the image is projected through clothing and reveals significant items carried by passengers. Airport staff will be trained and artificial intelligence will be used to analyse projected images of passengers. Passengers would no longer require to remove jackets or items from their pockets. The equipment could be deployed by 2021 (in U.K), and airport can security check 1000 persons per hour as compared to present 150 .( Source :

  1. Shoe scanner

The innovation is a shoe scanner that can detect explosives hidden in shoes . So, passenger is not required to remove the shoes.The technology is developed by UK based Scanna company . Shoe scanner uses a grid of sensing electrodes to analyse shoes and what they contain. When the machine detects something unusual, it alerts the staff . ( Source : BBC News)

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