At Howdy Modi event, U.S talks business more, while India concentrates on development

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Howdy Mody event, at Houston, Texas was the largest gathering in the U.S of around 50K people for any foreign national leader. During the event leaders of both, the countries India and USA addressed the audience and mentioned how both the countries will strengthen relations.

About Friendship

Both the leaders mentioned about their friendship and how it can get better if President Trump gets elected for the second term. How Indo-Americans are contributing to strengthening the U.S.economy, it’s Scientific and space research-development, medicine sector. And both countries will work together for the betterment of people.

President Trump talks business

Apart from improving relations with India, U.S President Donald Trump talked about the growing U.S economy, reduced unemployment, increased investment in the US from foreign countries. And how Indo-Americans are contributing to Build America.  How highly talented, skilled Indians are contributing to the growth of the United States Of America. He mentioned about first-ever investment by Indian company JSW steel in the US. And also mentioned about increasing export of LNG and petroleum from the U.S  to India as Indian firms are investing $4billion in U.S shale gas( natural gas) assets. He mentioned that India and the US will benefit from strategic energy  partnership.Mr. Trump also said to encourage export of “Made in USA” products to India.

It is Development Story from India

While PM Modi emphasized India’s development story. PM Modi mentioned about improved sanitization facility, availability of banking facility for all, removal of corruption and cleaning of the system. He mentioned about improved efficiency of the Income-tax department. He mentioned about successful removal (scrapping) of – crucial article 370 of the constitution and how India is heading towards a clear and better economy.

Both countries agreed to fight terrorism together.

And both the leaders agreed to work together for the people with shared dreams to have a bright future.

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