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Exam Ho Ya Job Interview…Be Fearless and Work

Exam or Job interview, whenever comes near, creates some amount of stress and anxiety in our mind. But if we remember the following points we can deal with it Bindass…

the Starterr’s Tips

  1. Exam and Job Interview, both the events are important but not the final concluding events of life. Because life is full of opportunities, you just need to remain alert.
  2. If you face them fearlessly, you can be more creative in your performance. Which improves the results.
  3. Put your honest efforts, work hard, study more and learn, but don’t scale your performance in terms of marks or selection at an interview.  Because if you studied sincerely, you must have learned something and it’s your learning only that will help, in exploring new ways and career development.
  4. Whether you prepared more or less, your performance will be based on your understanding of the topic.
  5. Ask one question to yourself,

Whether you put honest efforts in preparation :

If the answer comes yes, be bindass and perform. And don’t worry about results

If the answer comes No, don’t be stressed. But be Smart and start working on important topics only. Because that’s the only thing you can do and will improve the performance.

So, be clear to yourself

  1. Don’t think about family, relatives or friends’ opinions or comment on your preparation or result. Because what matters is your opinion for yourself. And that has to be genuine.
  2. If you don’t have much time for preparation, and so many things pending to read. Then, don’t pressure yourself to prepare for all. But, take time, keep cool, analyze history and decide what are the most important topics or questions giving more marks and easily understandable for you. Prepare for those topics first and if times remain, then take other topics.
  3. We can work and prepare, the results are not in our hand. So why to worry about what is not in our hand.
  4. Do at least 5-10 minutes running every day, and drink more water this will make you full of energy and enthusiasm. Running beats the stress.

Work Honestly, Trust Your Self and your capabilities and not exam result or interview selection. Because what matters is “You- the life”  and nothing else.

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