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Ms. Happy  is a qualified engineer and working at senior designation. Because of her knowledge and expertise, different education institutes call her for lectures to their students. During one such occasion, while giving the lecture and interpreting the technology, she gave some wrong interpretation ,  to her wrong interpretation one of the student objected and raised the question. Now you know that when someone in the audience opposes you confidently – as a lecturer your task becomes difficult. So, to deal with situation Happy  told the students that let me confirm and then get back to you. Nice approach selected by Happy . Because in a situation when you have doubts about the facts or matter,  you need to first analyze it 100% and then comment. Because as a senior person people accept what you say and if what you say turns out to be wrong people will not listen you again.

Then while going through the detail, Happy found that her interpretation of the topic was wrong and the student was correct. Now how to solve this and explain this to the class in next lecture is the problem for Happy . Because if she accepts the mistake, it will have bad impact on her image as a expert. She was thinking about not to discuss the matter at all in the class or simply telling that student personally that he was correct or simply explaining the (wrong) logic being her own interpretation , as if that can also happen, or simply to confuse the class. See, when you are expert lecturer, you have so many options available.  But one thing Happy realized that, as her reading about the subject is reduced that’s why this mistake has happened.

For many, this is very small matter, but for Happy  it was like if she gives wrong information to the students than she is compromising with her own ethics.

There are two options with her , don’t say sorry and feel bad internally which no one is going to see or just say sorry and be free of the guilt.

Therefore, in the lecture next day, Happy  simply accepted her mistake in the class, and said sorry for the wrong interpretation. By saying “Sorry” she felt so much contented and happy, that her lectures are 100% trustworthy.  She also realized that reading and knowledge up gradation is the inevitable for the professionals.

So, If mistake done , and you realize that it’s your fault than say sorry and “Be Free and Happy”

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