What will be the effect of Build America Visa system on “Build India”?

Build America effect on Build India
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Some Background …

As per the recent announcement by US President Donald Trump, the present Green card will be replaced with Build America Visa. As you know a green card allows foreign national- Non-U.S. citizens to gain permanent residence in the United States and generally issued to family members of U.S. citizens and only some part for employment purposes.

You r Welcome! If you can Contribute to Build America

The new Build America Visa policy will allow permanent residency in the U.S. on merit, skill basis as they increased the quota of highly skilled workers from 12% to 57%. With this U.S has opened the doors for the people who can actually contribute to Build America. For highly skilled, meritorious people who are either having employment in the U.S or having advanced education or want to create employment opportunities in the U.S. will now have easy entry to the U.S. residency.

The Effect on Build India.
When the Build America policy announced, Indian IT engineers were much happy and news headlines were going that the policy is beneficial for Indians. Many Indian Millennials are leaving India and settling abroad and this new announcement will further encourage the exit of Indian talent from India. Then the question is what will happen to Build India or Make in India policy?

The Risk,

If the outflow of skilled and talented young Indians continues, all this Make in India policy will not serve its purpose and will be difficult for India to reach to “developed economy” status from the current developing economy status.

The Starterr View
If you go through recently announced Google I/O 2019 video, then you will find that from Sundar Pichai to many other presenters in the event were Indian. Why Indian talent is not thinking about Building India? Is it really difficult?  Probably the standard of living, weather, living space, education facilities are attracting the young talent to leave India. But we have to work towards creating this developed culture and work atmosphere in India also.

Indian youth being so talented should be encouraged to Build India and for that parents, the education system and government have to work altogether.

Build India movement also should start…

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