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Career Confusion : Karna Hai Kya Mujhko.. Yeh Maine Kab hai jana…

Career Confusion

Whenever we make career decision to till the time we get qualified, certain questions always occupy our mind like whether I really want to do this, whether this will really make my future or whether after getting qualified I will have best employment opportunities and so on…

So what to think while making a career choice so that these questions don’t annoy you much…

1. Identify your skill and passion:

Think about your skill and your expertise or about the work you r passionate. If you do something which you like the most, then you can do it more creatively and consistently and will be able to enjoy your work.

2. Be flexible: If you have to select a career, not of your interest :

If initially, career choice as per your interest is not available because of certain constraints and you r choosing any other Career field which is not of your interest, then don’t get stuck,  rest assured that life gives you many opportunities if your dream is genuine and you work hard for it.

3. Don’t create boundaries on your own:

Many times we create boundaries for our self and limit our self that if we don’t have good qualification we may not have a good future and can’t survive. Don’t limit yourself while making a career choice, because it will stop you from exploring the multiple career options available.

4. Don’t get carried away :

Don’t get carried away with social or peer pressure while making your career choice. As your friend is going for medicine or C.A program, you can not select B.A. program, keep your self away from such comparisons and competitions. Because you r unique and having unique capabilities.

5. Take responsibility and not a burden:

Whatever career choice you will make whether of your interest or not, take responsibility for your decisions. And complete it successfully.

Cause as you know, Time Never Comes Back: And remember we r investing the most precious years of our life in that.

6. Family:

Family is part of our life and without their support, we can’t work. So don’t burden your self with family duties but at the same time don’t be free of it also, because family is a strength of our life and our decisions and work should be towards strengthening and making them happy.

7. What matters is the Purpose

If the purpose or goal of life clear. Career selection will never confuse you. And to decide the purpose your talent will guide you. And it is always, the goal or purpose which is for the benefit of you as well as for the society, it will make you 100% happy.

Hard Talk!

Remember: Taking a selfie or making a tiktok video or chatting on what’s app may give you short term happiness but can’t make life worth living.

Life is very precious and we need to live it and enjoy it thoroughly. So attach it with some goal or purpose.

What do you think?

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