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Changing Climate : Increasing mental health problems, how to deal?

Climate change and mental health issues

The Reality

The rising levels of greenhouse gases like Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere may also increase the level of anxiety. Research says that climate change and increasing level of temperatures and extreme weather conditions lead to depression, anger, and even violence. Though climate change may not affect everyone equally, Children, Teenagers, Women and elderly are more vulnerable to environmental stressors.

India is facing the problem of extreme weather conditions like some parts of the country facing drought situation and some states are managing heavy rainfall.  These extreme weather-related events also bring social disruption and likely to increase mental health problems. In India overall temperature has also increased, as the World Bank reports if climate change continues without any, preventive measures then average temperatures in India could increase to 1.5° C to  3.0°  C by 2050.

The Effect of Climate Change on Living Standard?

World bank also reports that if extreme weather conditions continue in India, it may depress the living standard of about half of the country’s population by 2050. And it could cost 2.8% of GDP.

How to deal with all these?

  1. Very easy but very important and very much creative way to relax our mind is to plant at least one tree and take regular care of it.
  2. Indulge in some sports activity, listen to music, do exercise keeping your self away from so-called smart gadgets like mobile, tabs, etc.
  3. Take time to talk with your family members, friends personally not on WhatsApp
  4. Read some good stuff which increases your knowledge at least for 10 minutes daily.
  5. Start your day with a smile
  6. Always be sure that every problem has a solution just have to work hard to find it. But the solution is always there.

So, Keep Smiling and protect the environment … plant tree…

What do you think?

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