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Coffee May Become Costly!


The News : More than half of the coffee species are on the verge of extinction

As per the new research carried out to assess risks to the world’s coffee plants , it was found that  60% of  coffee species ( Variety of Plants) could soon go extinct ( wiped out or dead). These are generally wild species which grow naturally in the forest.

Do You Know ?

These wild species are used to make coffee crop sustainable. Preserving a diverse crop of wild coffee plants is useful for developing commercial coffee that’s resistant to changing climates and pests, as per Dr Aaron Davis of the Royal Botanic Gardens,Kew UK.

Out of 124 types of wild coffee, 75 are at risk of extinction.

The Reason

The climate change, deforestation, droughts and plant diseases are putting the future of coffee at risk as per the researchers.

The Solution

Focusing on saving coffee’s natural environment is key.  Therefore, management of protected wild –forest areas is necessary. Because as compared to other plants  it’s more difficult and more expensive to keep coffee seeds alive in storage banks as per the Kew researchers.

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