Coming up: Xtreme 1 (X1) Racing League in Nov.- Dec.this year

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India’s young motor racing drivers  Aditya Patel and Armaan Ebrahim are coming with Xtreme1 (X1) Racing League competition which will be held, during Saturdays – Sundays of Nov. –Dec.

The Important detail

It is the world’s first franchise based motorsport league meaning whereby the X1 racing league competition will be financed by Franchises. There will be  8 franchises, each will have 2 cars and four drivers – two Indians and two foreigners including the female driver. Each franchise owner will spend a fixed amount of Rs.5.5 crore, including the driver fees.

The Race

The race is backed by the governing body for motorsports in India, Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India(FMSCI). There will be 40 races, each of 45mins. And 3 races per day will be held. The race will encourage Indian talent and will help them move forward by taking part in the international series. mentioned by Aditya Patel.

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