Creating cyborgs : The potential and perils of Elon Musk venture, Neuralink

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About Neuralink and its Tech evolution

Neuralink is neurotechnology startup founded by the billionaire tech-entrepreneur Elon Musk. Set up in San Francisco in 2016, the Neuralink startup is working towards developing superhuman intelligence by creating a microchip device ( Containing small and flexible electrodes “threads”) that can be implanted into the brain and connect the brain with computer interfaces through artificial intelligence. The chip will detect and record the brain signals and transmit the information to the connected device outside the body. This way chip could both influence the functioning of the brain, as well as link it wirelessly to the digital world.

How it will be implanted into the skull?

The company has already developed a neurosurgical robot capable of inserting six threads per minute into the skull. As per the New York Times report,  In the future, they may use a laser beam to get into the skull for the chip implant instead of drilling holes. By the end of 2020, they hope to have this in a human patient.

The Implementation road.

Elon Musk has already invested $100 million in Neuralink and as the startup is working towards revolutionary development, finance will not be a constraint for the technology implementation. But as it is about dealing with human brain functioning, taking legal approval for its practical implementation in humans will be crucial.

The Potential

The device can be used to repair the brain from severe damage, and functions related to brain-like speech, vision, writing and body movement can be improved. So the device will be of great use for the person with a disability/ paralysis.

The device augments the brain with new capabilities and makes it more efficient; not to mention the endless possibilities of being directly connected to the web in one’s mind. 

The Perils

However, many are apprehensive about such a vision. The side-effects of meddling with our brain in this way are unknown, and some cognitive scientists believe pursuing Neuralink could even be suicidal. Moreover, questions also need to be raised about who will control this technology; because it can collect huge amounts of private data and may give companies and governments the power to directly manipulate people’s brains!

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With Neuralink, Elon Musk is converting his inspiration from Sci-fi movies into reality. But, the problems and promises attached to this technology are huge, after all its about dealing with the human brain. So it is crucial that we all become aware of it and make sure it is growing in the right direction.

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