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Data threats and spying risk leads to emergency in the US.

Data Threats and Spying risk leads to emergency in the US

Order for Emergency

To protect the country against critical national security threats emerging due to data gathered by foreign opponent- IT and telecommunication companies, the US president declared a national emergency.

The US President Donald Trump issued an executive order to “deal with the threat posed by the unrestricted acquisition or use in the United States of information and communications technology… supplied by persons owned by, controlled by, or subject to the jurisdiction or direction of foreign adversaries( Opponents).”

The Effect

The order will stop US companies from using Information and communication technology services supplied by foreign companies, creating a security risk for the country.

What’s the reason for emergency order?

It is said that the order is mainly targeted to restrict Huawei, the Chinese Telecommunication giant. It’s suspected that certain products of Huawei are used by China for surveillance and spying. Huawei products are already restricted in US federal agencies. And the situation of trade war against China may also lead such decision.

Huawei’s defense and update

Huawei, China’s leading smartphone and telecom equipment manufacturer denied the allegations and said its work doesn’t create any risk of spying or damage.

However, the use of Huawei gear in next-generation 5G mobile networks is blocked in Australia and New Zealand also. And the UK also may allow the use subject to certain restrictions.

Huawei already started to divert

With the restrictions from multiple countries, Huawei’s revenue from telecom business may reduce. But the company has already started to work on a different business line. Huawei recently launched a new AI- backed database management product for business enterprises. With this Huawei is also competing with the giants like Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft.

Huawei is very fast in taking action against adversities and investing a lot on tech research and innovation.

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