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Stay Alert ! Don’t be part of Digitized Sickness


Fake social media News/ Videos/Messages may create riots, disturbance and may also take the life of someone! And an overdose of digitization and social networking also leads to depression among the young.

So, What Drives Or Promotes us to spread Fake News?

Digitized Sickness…

As per the research conducted by BBC in India, It was found that rising tide of nationalism in the country is the crucial driver of Fake News and vice versa. People without verifying the correctness of the digital information, share and forward the news/info/video to others and feel that they are spreading the real story and supporting the good cause or spreading the awareness and thereby helping the others and doing good for the nation.

Why People are Inclined To Rely On Digital Information?

In order to check the correctness or trustworthiness of the digital information, we rely on tweets, what’s app videos, messages or facebook comments on that news/ video/info. We also rely on Sender because they may be our friends or relative. But we don’t know that most of the time all these social media comments and sharing are done by the people who don’t know the reality or fact behind that digital story/news/video. Nowadays Photoshop and other software are there through which, any image or video can be created or edited. But we rely on it.

Need To Understand

As we consider Movies as a story only and take it for information or entertainment only.  The same way the Stories / Videos /News/ Photos shared through Social media like Facebook, What’s App or Twitter should be taken as information only. For Movies, we know about Producer, directors, and actors, still, we take it as a story only.

But for the Videos or stories or photos spread through social media, we don’t know who is producer, director or participants, then how we can rely on it?

Social Media and Social Networking have given so much openness and freedom that anyone can comment on anything and share anything. And this openness has given the path to Fake News and to some extent mental illness called “Depression”.

Remain Alert!

So we need to remain alert because, social media like What’s app, Facebook can be used for spreading information for political benefits.

Therefore, we need to decide that, without knowing who is the originator of the news and simply because it is shared or commented a lot on social media or shared by friends or relatives,

We will not rely on social media messages and will not share it or spread it. It may cause danger to someone’s life and to the Nation also…

Why be a part of spreading this “Digitized Sickness”  …

What do you think?

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