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Thought about disconnecting from WWW? Russia attempts it with it’s own RuNet

Protecting Internet Jurisdiction

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In order to protect the country’s own internet jurisdiction (sovereignty), Russia tested its indigenous internet known as RuNet, which is an alternative to the worldwide internet. It disconnected from worldwide internet and connected to its own internet-RuNet. With own domestic internet, Russian Government can also control what its Citizen can access on the internet. The test conducted to ensure the security of Russia’s internet infrastructure in case of a foreign cyberattack and to protect the personal data of citizens.

Many countries have restricted the use of WWW.

China and Iran also put control over the use of the world wide web. China developed a Great firewall – a system of surveillance and censorship technology that put restrictions on viewing the website of the outside country.

With this, the services of Google, Facebook, and Twitter are blocked in China. Further with Great Cannon– a tool with which China can block internet traffic and can also adjust and replace the content as it travels the webspace in china. So, we can say that China is having its own version of the World Wide Web with a set of regulations and technology to monitor the information on it.

Iran’s government also follows internet censorship and allows controlled access to the Internet.

In the US also, President Trump administration increases internet censorship in the country

How WWW is restricted?

It is like developing a nationwide intranet. The internet service providers re-route all internet traffic through strategic chokepoints created under the Govt. control. Like in offices, we can restrict access to certain websites, the same concept is used for restricting internet use for a country.

Why Restricted use of WWW?

Developing internet infrastructure, to protect the integrity of the nation is the main reason for the restriction on worldwide internet use. No doubt, Govt. can use internet censorship for its own political benefit also, but other than that it is beneficial for the country, as it encourages domestic tech companies.

The Starterr View

Internet censorship has more advantages than limitations. Because with it Govt. can protect personal data of citizens within the country, Websites and information manipulating or destroying a country’s culture can be blocked. It also encourages the business of the country’s own telecom and IT companies. A country can create its own version of Facebook or Twitter!

Above all, it protects the culture and values of the country reducing social media influence.

India should also develop its own “IndianNet”

What is your view?

What do you think?

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