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The Story of Happy Singh

Happy Singh is a qualified professional and working with one reputed organization. He is above 30 and due to his experience, posted on the senior designation. He has to handle a team of 15 people. The person who worked before him at the same post or designation worked there with the company for more than 5 yrs. So the company as well as the team had the habit and were set with that person (Who resigned).

When Happy Singh joined the company, the first problem he faced was, people especially his team members acceptance was not easily available. And when the people in your team are senior in age as well as experience it becomes difficult to handle such people. However, Happy Singh got the solution to the problem- that, if you respect people, you get that. Happy Singh, also convinced the management, regarding the changes he is making in his team. He took management in confidence before giving strict instructions to his team members. And this is how, with love, respect, and discipline, he started to manage his team.

However, through this Happy Singh also learned about how to deal with the people. And one important thing which he learned was never rely on or trust the information submitted to you for your work, whenever you join any new job. It’s always you have to identify and confirm on your own about the correctness of the information. He also learned that people will never change. Their approach may change but not nature. And you should also not to try to change the people because nature is inbuilt. So, before relying on the people especially at your office, identify their nature and keep in mind it’s not going to change. So, don’t make such efforts and don’t waste time.

So, the Success Mantra to do the job happily is to do your work precisely and efficiently. And when your own work is up to the mark, you will feel satisfied and that will make you happy. Leave the office people and their worries at the office only. It’s difficult but can be practiced. Because that’s the only thing we can change.

Dealing With difficult people is always a learning experience!  But still, hope such experiences should be less!

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