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This startup offers Environment Friendly option after death !

This startup offers environment friendly alternative after death!
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The Startup to recompose the human body after death…

The startup “Recompose” based at Washington, US will provide environment-friendly alternative after death also! Recompose offers process of natural decomposition of the human dead body, an alternative to burial, embalming or cremation processes.  The process they are offering is natural, safe, sustainable, and will result in significant savings in carbon emissions and land usage.

They’ve come up with the processes that can convert the human dead body into safe and usable soil in 30days. Then after soil is given to relatives and can be used for plantation. Practically, it takes months and many times years also for the human dead body to get convert into the soil as it depends on nature.

How it is done?

The method involves placing the body in a  steel container filled with wood chips and similar composting materials, allows thermophilic – heat-loving – microbes and bacteria to get to work. The body decomposes naturally in 30 days. Remains are also heated to 131 F (55 C), killing off contagions (Infections), therefore resulting soil can be safely used. (Source: BBC news report )

Washington has now legalized human composting and becomes the first state of the US to legalize the process.

People are also supporting the initiative and taking the process as a greener way to die.

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