The roller coaster ride for Federer : The Roland Garros Championship

The Roller Coaster ride for Federer : the roland Garros 2019

Roger Federer at Roland Garros

Roger Federer, the world no.3 tennis player is making his comeback at Roland Garros ( the stadium in Paris which hosts French open tournament) 2019 tournament after 3 yrs.

Roger’s track record at the French Open

The Swiss player’s track record at clay court – French open is full of struggle.  So far, Federer has won only one French open tournament (single title) in 2009 out of his total of  20 grand slam singles titles. However, he reached to the French open finals for 5 times ( 2006 to 2009 and 2011) and to the quarterfinals for 9 times consecutively from 2005 to 2013. So, the Roland Garros championship always remained full of ups and down for Federer. While for his close rival and the king of clay Rafael Nadal, Roland Garros is favorite as he has won the French Open championship 11 times.

How is his preparation for Roland Garros 2019

Federer has already practiced on clay court this year by playing two tournaments earlier this year. He played at Madrid and Rome ATP tournaments. However, as he says, he becomes so excited playing on the clay court surface, that he starts sliding around too much and doesn’t keep control as he can on a hard surface.

After all, he remains the G.O.A.T player

Whether he wins French open 2019 title or not, this 37 yr. Old Swiss player, remains the Greatest of all Time Player, winning the highest grand slam men’s singles titles so far. He has won eight Wimbledon titles, five US Open titles, and six Australian Open titles and one French Open title.

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