From quality check to taking interviews : The Innovative ways AI is used by PepsiCo.


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To manufacture wafers-chips, PepsiCo uses machine learning technology. One of its projects uses lasers to hit the chips and the chip texture is determined based on sound coming off the chip. Machine algorithms process voice of chips and determine the quality of Frito –Lay’s chips.

To Optimize the potato peeling system, AI is used. It helps the company to assess “ Percent peel  “ of a potato (To assess Weightage of potato peel). AI helps in optimizing potato peeling system. This will save more than $ 1million of the company in just one year from the company’s U.S business.

Interview candidates in the recruitment process, Robot Vera was used when the company required to employ  250 people within two months at Russia. In just 9 Hrs. Robot Vera can interview 1500 candidates, if the same work is done by humans it may take 9 weeks.

To Deliver and distribute snacks in college campus six-wheeled mobile vending machine robot is used by the company.

To Manage retail stores, Pep Worx: Big Data and Analytics system used by Pepsico.  The system helps to identify the best items to stock, where to place them and what promotions to use.



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