Experience the world tour, Without actually going for it!

Create Your Travel Experience

Many of us are having a dream of making a world tour, but because of certain constraints like social or financial, we may not be able to realize this dream. But with technology can definitely experience the world tour…

Yes, with Google earth this is possible!

How it is?

Whether it is searching for people, places, streets, buildings or creating travel experience we can explore the whole planet earth with Google Earth – the computer program/app (as of now available on Chrome, Android).

You can learn about different cultures, architecture, and stories behind famous monuments and explore the world, species, and nature through its features like “voyager”, “I m feeling lucky “and the latest one is “create your own travel story”.

Voyager is a showcase of interactive guided tours, quizzes, cultures, and layers that aim to help educate everyone about the world, locations.

Check this very interesting story through which NASA defines the world by ABC: Reading ABC from space created by NASA defining

“I’m feeling lucky,” feature takes you somewhere unexpected with the click of a button. Google has selected 20,000 places and with the click of a button, you can explore and learn about any of it.

And the 3D button allows viewing the whole world in 3D

Create Your Fascinating Travel Experience

You can create, collaborate and share your travel experience/project with Google Earth tools. You can share photos, videos from google drive, use placemarks, lines, and shapes as story tools. Add narrative also to describe your experience using a rich text editor. And make your travel story more interactive and fascinating with 3D or street view mode.

So, you can now experience Switzerland without actually going there!

Google Earth as Detective!

Whether searching for a family member or tracking the spread of disease or analyzing weather conditions or keeping track of habitat and wildlife movement, Google Earth works as a detective and provides important and useful information about location/origin. And thereby also helps in the conservation of natural resources.

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