Google I/O 2019 update : Google search’s new camera feature enables image visualization!

Google’s annual developer conference 2019 started at its Mountain View, California headquarters. The conference scheduled between 7th to 9th May.

Hot updates!

Google search will add camera feature, and with your smartphone, you can place the searched image in your own place and visualize how it looks. You will also be able to visualize searched image in 3D mode.

Google – Android will offer live subtitles of conversation on all phone calls and videos. Subtitles of conversation will available whether it’s your video chat or camera roll or on the app. This will be useful for people who have a hearing disability. The facility can also be used when you are communicating in public and want to keep volume low.

Google lens App will be updated and now from the restaurant menu, you will get the image of the dish, that how it will look. So that you can take the decision whether to order or not. It will also help in the case when you received a bill in a foreign language, it can convert text into speech.

Google map will gain an incognito(Anonymous, Independent) mode, in order to minimize location and search tracking for more private searches. It will be available on both webs as well app.

Google assistant will become smarter and now simply from your order ( Voice), it will reply to messages, write emails (even subject lines), insert images in messages. It will also be available on driving mode soon and while driving it can search Google map as per your direction.

And now you don’t need to say “ Hey Google” to stop it working but simply say “Stop” and it will stop working

Now, user can book movie tickets or cab or can do online reservation through Google duplex the AI monitored chat agent, who will now take your information and search on the web as per your requirement and will help in filling up the reservation and booking forms online.

Like as of now if plan a trip we need to search on our own filling dates, no. of persons traveling, etc. Now all this work will be done by Google duplex.

Android Q updates will be offered through the Google play store and you don’t have to wait for phone manufacturers.

With Android Q beta you can now change the color of the standard Android app, dark theme colors – black is offered. With a new focus mode feature, now you can disable the app which you don’t require during the day. Parents can also use this feature for restricting access to certain apps for their children.

New Launch

Pixel 3A and 3A XL phones launched at starting price of $399 ( RS. 27000 above) in 3 colors black, white and purple. Pixel line features like Night Sight, Super Res Zoom, and portrait mode on both the rear- and front-facing shooters are included in the newly launched phones but it will be without waterproofing and wireless charging facilities.

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