Whether you remember or not Google has the history of your purchases.

Whether You remember or not ,Yeh Google sab janta hai .

Do you Know?

If you want to find from where you purchased a particular product before 2-3 yrs. Google will help you. Because it is tracking our purchases. Google is having the record of what you purchased since you created your Gmail account. As CNBC report mentions.

Check your purchase history at

How, Google comes to know about your online purchases?

When we purchase online, its invoice, payment receipts come to our linked Gmail account. And that is the source through which Google collects the data about our purchases, returns and payments made online as well as many times offline also. Google is collecting lot of personal information about us through Gmail, which many times even we don’t recollect. And some of this information can’t be even deleted.

Google Clarifies but still the purpose not clear…

Google clarifies that It doesn’t sell or share our personal information collected through Gmail and its account information to the advertisers unless we give such permission. But then what’s the reason for collecting and storing such purchase history of Gmail users for so many years? Still, the answer is not clear.

You can’t easily delete or turn off the Purchase history.

The history of purchases can be viewed only, you can not delete it easily. If you want to delete it, you need to delete relevant email containing such invoice or payment receipts. Without deleting the email you cannot delete purchase history! Many times we save the invoices and receipts emails for future safety purpose. But with our habits, Google creates its database.

So, now if you want to calculate, how much you’ve invested in gifting to your girlfriend, Google can help you.

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