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How to manage our health and wellbeing ?

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Health and wellbeing are key to live and enjoy our life. And this situation of Pandemic also reminded us that Health is real wealth, without which we can’t survive!  Exercise, eating the correct food and remaining stress-free should become our habit. And, with a combination of technology and ancient ways we can make all these very easy.

When we talk about technology,  there are so many health and fitness apps available making us confused. So, here we have sorted out the package of top 3 apps, through which you can plan and track your diet, do workout and enjoy a stress-free and lite life. These apps are available on both android and ios.

1. To Manage Diet – MyFitness Pal

This app helps us to prepare a diet plan and track calories. From its database of millions of foods including fast food, we can track our intake of calories, protein, carbs and fat depending on serving. It helps to plan and keep track of what we eat, by maintaining a food diary or activity log. And thereby help to monitor and control the weight.

2. For Exercise workout – Nike training Club

Workouts for small spaces to concentrated goal-oriented workouts like Cardio and HIIT(High-intensity interval training), yoga, strength and mobility training are available on this app. So, with this app, you can do the workout from your home, gym or on-road also!

With or without equipment workouts from this app are designed by Nike Master Trainers. You can plan and design your workout as per your work schedule.

Whether you are just starting the workouts or expert athlete, the app provides workout training videos for all. With 15-45 minutes sessions and a free library of different type of workout videos, you can achieve your fitness goal easily. And Once you reach your workout milestones, you get achievement badges and trophies.

3. Happify

We face multiple types of problems like negative thoughts, anxiety and stress in our day to day life, due to the complexity in our employment, business or relationships. This situation many times lead to depression. So, keeping mental wellbeing and emotional balance is very much necessary. And Happify will help to overcome stress and build better emotional health and resilience. Through scientific activities and games which are developed by scientists, you can relieve from stress. It can be played any time and improves the ability to fight back against negativity. With better emotional wellbeing, you feel relaxed and lite.

With all these, if we also follow India’s ancient practice  “pranayama” –   like Anulom Vilom, Bhramari, and Kapalbhati are very necessary for our health and wellbeing. Happiness is guaranteed.

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