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Lives Saved : When Human Efforts Use the Technology at Its Best

The Background

Whether it is cyclone Vayu coming to Saurashtra, Gujarat or cyclone Fani which hit Odhisa in April this year, Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) predicted it right and on time. Up to the mark prediction of the cyclone is possible when human efforts use the space technology at its best.

How Technology Helps in Predicting the Cyclone?

India is having a complex weather system, and for Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) it is very important to monitor on a continuous basis the meteorological changes of weather elements such as wind speed, rainfall, temperature, and humidity. For this, ISRO’s  INSAT ( Indian National Satellite system) satellites are used by IMD. INSAT system is one of the largest domestic communication satellite systems in the Asia-Pacific region as mentioned by ISRO.

About some weather forecasting satellites

Oceansat-2, as its name suggests, it studies and provides data for the ocean climate, ocean surface, ocean productivity, and coastal climate. All in all, it provides data about sea movement and surrounding weather condition.

SCATSAT-1 satellite adds value to the Oceansat – 2, as it helps Oceansat -2 Scatterometer  (Scientific instrument – Radar Sensor) to provide data about wind direction, its density, and movement. This helps in detecting and tracking cyclone.

Megha-Tropique is Indo- French joint satellite, which is an exclusive satellite for climate research and also helps scientists in weather prediction. It provides scientific data about water density of the cloud, rain, the water vapor in the atmosphere and about evaporation.

INSAT 3D and its advance version INSAT 3DR: The weather communication satellites. It is equipped with an imaging system and an atmospheric sounder. INSAT 3DR sends its observation, images every 15minutes and helps India’s Meteorological department in real-time monitoring of weather events. Cyclone can be predicted in advance and monitored continuously by IMD with the support of these satellites.

Prediction of Cyclone landfall…

IMD does analyses and interprets the data and Images from received from INSAT system and thereby forecasts and monitors Cyclones.

As we know that it is because of timely and accurate prediction by Weather Scientists, the Govt. can take precautionary steps in advance and timely evacuation of the people is done. And life is saved.

This is how when human efforts use technology at its best, life is saved…

(Source: ISRO)

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