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I Love The Indian Culture .. Do You?


The most precious Indian Culture

India” the country of multiple Religions, famous for its Ancient Traditions and  Customs. The land where great epic “Mahabharata” and “Ramayana” created. Whenever any foreigner talks about India, the first thing they discuss and admire is Indian Culture. Actually, our country is famous for its roots – origin. And it’s always that, whatever we become – it’s our roots – our basic principles -Our Basic Culture only gives us peace and prosperity.

But practically, whether its followed?

We r totally lost in the so-called “Smart” world. Going far away from our roots – basics. In following the western culture, we’ve already forgotten the beauty of Our Own Indian Culture. Whether It’s in the name of “Right to Equality” or It’s in the name of “Freedom Of thoughts and Expression”, or in the name of “Technology” – we are blindly following the westernization, which may bring the social disaster.  “Right To Equality” is required in the areas of education, health and power, and to protect Our own “Indianism”, It shouldn’t be used in blindly following and displaying western culture, which is actually not our own. Generation X, Y, Z whether they will ever be able to learn and love the real – the precious Indian Culture?

With all the rights, there comes the responsibility also.

We require all different types of rights, we even fight for these rights against the government. But whether we are also committed to the responsibility attached to all those rights? Because, as you know only rights and no responsibility creates imbalance…..

In the name of “Right To Equality”, vulgarity and obscene have been increased and women are losing their own dignity and respect. , In the name of “Freedom of Expression”, the religious disputes have been increased. And In the name of “Technology” family life gets disturbed. Children are losing their innocence and smile, are not able to enjoy their childhood as we were earlier. Where all these will lead us? What type of India, we are creating for the coming generation?

The Important Question

With the growth, if Indian Values remain intact than only that growth will serve its purpose according to us. We should move ahead in life but not at the cost of our own culture. I love and respect our own Indian culture.

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