BioData Of ICC Cricket World Cup Championship

Bio data of ICC Cricket world Cup

Birth Date: First One day  International Cricket World cup championship held in 1975, with 60 overs on each side.

Birth Place: First world cup hosted by England. And won by West Indies.

Childhood: The colored clothing of players and white cricket balls introduced for the first time in 1992.

Native: England. And it is for the first time England won the ICC WorldCup tournament in 2019.

Work Place: For the first time cricket world cup was held outside England, in India and Pakistan, in 1987 and the no.of overs reduced to 50.

Qualification: Top 7 teams as per ICC ranking as on 2017 and England automatically qualified for the Championship.While the other teams have to go for qualifier rounds.

Experience: Australia won the world cup 5 times, which is the highest. It has also the record of winning 3 consecutive world cup championship from 1999 to 2007.

Reference: Sachin Tendulkar holds the record of making the highest number of runs- 2278 as well the highest number of centuries in the World cup cricket tournament. Glenn McGrath of Australia has the record of taking the highest number of wickets-71 in the World cup championship.

The ICC World Cup 2019.

Award: The winning team received the prize money of around $4.8 million ( Appx. INR 33.5 Cr.) . And the World Cup trophy, which was created in 1999 by England’s craft men, and is made up of silver and gold. However, the original World cup trophy is kept by ICC and replica is given permanently to the winning team.

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