Protect computer systems from malicious coding called Logic Bomb.

Prevent Computer system from logic bomb

The Background

Recently the programming contractor of Siemens company held guilty of installing a logic bomb in the company’s spreadsheet software. The programmer planted malicious coding known as a logic bomb in automated spreadsheets created by him so as to receive frequent work from the company due to frequent software crash arising due to it.  The company came to know about the installed logic bomb when the programmer was away and was forced to share the spreadsheet’s administrator’s password with the company’s staff. The guilty programmer will now face a penalty up to $250,000 or 10yrs. in prison or both.

What’s the meaning of Logic bomb?

As per definition, the logic bomb is a set of instructions secretly incorporated into a program so that if a particular condition is satisfied,  they will become active, with harmful effects. Like a particular date or time is set in programming as a condition, if it is met the program may crash.

How to Prevent the Computer system from the Logic bomb?

1.Distribute Work

While setting up a program or setting IT infrastructure in your organization, never allocate the total task to a single programmer. Allocate system-wise or stage-wise duties and responsibilities to different people.

2.Periodic System Audit

Periodic system audit should be done by the third party to find any inherent glitches( fault) in the system programming

3.Happy Employees

Many times if an employee is not happy with his employer organization, which can be observed from his behavior, they are vulnerable to creating such type of fraud under stress. Therefore, solve problems with your employees.

4.Password Authority

The organization should always maintain total data of admin passwords of all the systems/programs installed. And it should be updated regularly. Whenever any employee leaves the organization, his system password should be updated.

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