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Moderna trial shows the end of the deadly COVID-19 tunnel.

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The Pathfinder

Moderna  Inc., US-based biotechnology company put the key milestone in the treatment of Coronavirus as it announced positive results of its vaccine candidate mRNA-1273 phase 1 trial. The eight initial participants of phase 1 trial, tested for 25mg and 100mg dose level,  developed antibodies equivalent to or more than seen in blood samples from people who recovered from the corona(Convalescent sera).

What is mRNA?

messenger RNA (mRNA) medicines are designed to direct the body’s cells to produce intracellular, membrane or secreted proteins that can have a therapeutic or preventive benefit and have the potential to address a broad spectrum of diseases

About Test in detail

The test was conducted on people aged (18-55), for 25mg, 100mg and 250mg level of doses. All participants show the development of antibodies by day 15 after the 1st dose. At day 43, two weeks after the second dose, at 25mg dose level participants developed antibodies equivalent and at 100mg dose level participants developed antibodies at a level more than found blood of patients recovered from the corona.

Preclinical results from a viral challenge study in mice show that vaccination with mRNA-1273 prevented viral replication in the lungs of animals challenged with SARS-CoV-2.(the virus that causes COVID 19 diseases)

Any Side effect?

mRNA is generally treated safe and well-tolerated and having no-minor side effects which are short time lasting and self-resolving. A single participant under 100mg dose study, experienced redness around the injection place. And notable side effects were seen at 250mg does level like a fever.

Next Step

Under the Phase 2 study, two dose levels of 50mg and 100mg effect will be tested, so as to select a dose for the pivotal study. Dose for Phase 3 pivotal study will be between 25 mg to 100mg. And phase 3 trial may start in July subject to completion of the clinical trial protocol.

When in the Market?

If all things fall in place and pivotal trial also turn in success, it is expected that vaccine may be available in the market by end of this December or early 2021.

So, we hope and pray Moderna comes out with grand success as soon as possible in the mRNA-1273 trial. And this deadly tunnel of COVId-19 disease end soon.

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