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Create Canvas Painting by Music Rhythm.


How Music rhythm can create canvas painting?

The question sounds interesting no! But it is true that music rhythm can be captured on canvas. And the medium which makes it possible is known as  “Rhythmic Expressionism” .

Los Angeles, California based SceneFour art gallery is the creator of “rhythm on canvas” technique. They started to work on analyzing the mindset of rhythm and made Rhythmic expression a reality in 2011. They convert rhythms played by famous drummers and guitarists in the unique artwork.

Famous drummers like  Mike Mangini, Steven Adler of Guns N Roses band, Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers and guitarists like Page Hamilton of  Helmet are using this technology to create unique art pieces from the rhythm they create.

About the technology used

The technique uses drumsticks having different colored Led-lights and in case of guitar,  Led-light attached gloves are used. When musician play drum/guitar, the Led attached drumsticks or gloved fingers on guitar strings light up in various colors, patterns, speed, and density based on the rhythm, force, and hand movement of the musician. The camera captures 30 seconds of the drummer’s performance in one frame. Photos of these patterns are then transferred to a computer and using Giclee printers, it is printed on canvas(Giclee Printers are used for digital printing of fine arts).

Creative Business Opportunity

With this technique, musicians can create unique artwork on canvas from the music they play. And they can sell this creative artwork painting as their exclusive limited collection- branded painting.

So, the musician can sell music as well as paintings also…  

Really a creative technique isn’t it? 

What do you think?

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