On Line – Off Line balance is must because feelings are missing in online world ..


Technology driven mind and technology driven life should not overtake our feelings and liveliness.

Now a days, almost everything is  available Online like  Education, Training, Exams , Games, Friendship, Talks, Relationship maintenance , jobs , books , entertainment , shopping, money , food, transportation, doctors, medicines,  personal assistant, life partner and popularity ….

Then  ,What is not available Online?

Parents, Life and liveliness , Health , Wealth , Companion , Peace Of Mind , Understanding , Love and Care , Strength and support , confidence and trust , Knowledge , Cultural Values, Adventure,  Perspiration due to hard work, Smile and Tears , the childhood tit bits and much more …

And all these , which we don’t get online , actually is our life support system and keeps us happy , peaceful and help us to enjoy the life.

In fact , we can say that, the “Feel Factor “ is not available online . While life is all about feelings … . So why waste more time digitally ? Technology should be used for advantage only and should not dominate our mind and life resulting into artificial , feeling less life.  More time spent online really creates disturbance in life ..

As  the most important things required for happy life “Feelings” are absent in digital/ Online world , this On line – Off Line balance is must  .. to live happily and peacefully.

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