The fusion pill may reduce chances of heart attack by 33%

What’s the fusion pill?

The four in one fusion pill, which is also known as Polypill can reduce the rate of the heart attack by more than 33%, as per the researchers of Iran and the UK. The pill contains four multiple drugs, it includes aspirin which is used for blood thinning, a statin used to lower blood pressure and other two drugs.

The study leader Dr. Tom Marshall of the Britain‘s University of Birmingham, mentioned polypill is a “viable strategy” to prevent heart disease in developing countries. And with polypill, it’s much simpler to give people one medication that manages a couple of risk factors at the same time.

About the Trial

The research on polypill is going on since 2001, but this time the trial is conducted on a larger scale. Over  6800 people of Iran participated in the trial, of which half were given polypill and advised to improve lifestyle. And the other half was just getting advise.

And after 5 years, they found that the rate of cardiovascular events among those who were taking polypill is 33% less than those who were not taking the polypill. British journal Lancet published the results of the trial.

The Significance

In poorer or developing countries where sufficient medical support is not available, polypill can help a lot as it manages multiple risk factors at an affordable rate. The content used in the polypill is a combination of generic medicines available at a cheaper rate.

However, the polypill effect will remain the same for the mass or not, that is yet to be confirmed. Because people in different countries are having different biology, nature, and capacity. But if it is successful then it can help significantly to control one of the major reason for death that is – a heart attack.

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