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All about India’s first : Omnirole Rafale fighter jet


Today,India welcomes its first 5 Omnirole(Multitasking) Rafale fighter Jet.

Rafale- literally meaning is a “gust of wind”, and “burst of fire” in a more military sense. Rafale fighter jets are slated to be the French armed forces prime combat aircraft until 2050. Now this fourth-generation plus fighter aircraft will strengthen the fighting capability of the Indian Airforce and discourage the opponents.

Specifications of the Rafale

  1. It will be India’s most competent fighter jet.
  2. It’s a twin-engine, canard(a type of aircraft design) -delta wing( Means wings shaped in the form of a triangle), multirole fighter aircraft.
  3. It is equipped with radar-evading stealth technology, which makes aircraft almost invisible from radar.
  4. Its length is 15.3 meter and height is 5.3 meters.
  5. It Can serve till 50000 ft. height and fly at a speed of around 2222Km per hour.
  6. It can carry a load of around 9500 kg.
  7. It integrates the largest and most modern range of sensors, which multiplies their efficiency with a technological breakthrough, the “multi-sensor data fusion”.  This technology allows the pilot to act as a true “tactical decision-maker”, rather than being only a sensor operator.
  8. It is having an array(can carry ) of Meteor, Scalp missiles. This feature will give the IAF a unique edge over the opponents.                                                                                               The meteor is a beyond visual range air-to-air missile (BVRAAM). And the scalp is a long-range, standoff attack air missile.
About the performance

As mentioned by the IAF Air Marshal, Anil Chopra, Rafale is equipped with a wide range of weapons and would perform air supremacy, interdiction(to stop), deep strike, anti-ship strike and be the strategic delivery platform for the nuclear deterrence air missions.

The Deal Makers

PM Narendra Modi’s dream to equip IAF with the Rafale, realised by India’s defence minister late Shri Manohar Parirkar. He finalized the 36 Rafale fighter jet deal in 2016. And India celebrated the 87th, Indian Air Force (IAF) day on 8th October 2019 by receiving its first Omnirole Rafale fighter jet from the French-Dassault aviation company at France.

With this India has become the fourth country, after France, Qatar, and Egypt, to fly the Rafale.

India will receive a total of 36 Rafale by April-May 2022. And this will strengthen the IAF’s air dominance significantly.

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