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There is a lot of confusion, non-acceptance, and protest going on against the CAA ( Citizenship Amendment Act). NRC ( National Register of Citizenship) and NPR ( National Population register).

But whether we ever tried to read the CAA 2019 itself?

Let’s discuss and understand it one by one

CAA: Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019, is an Act further to amend the Citizenship Act 1955. It is approved by both the Houses of Parliament and is now effective.

This CAA 2019 has no relation to existing Indian citizens of any religion or caste. CAA is about adding the people who entered India illegally, as Indian citizens.

CAA 2019 is about giving citizenship to the people of Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Parsi and Christian communities who came from Islamic countries Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Pakistan and who entered into India before the 31st day of December 2014 and stayed in India for 5 yrs may apply for Indian Citizenship.

READ the Govt. notification AND VERIFY THE CAA 2019 – Click here ( It will not take much time to read!).

CAA is not about any existing Indian Citizens. So, there is no question about doubting India’s secularism and unity.

NRC: It is a National Register of Citizenship. It has no relation to CAA. National register of Citizenship is prepared to know if there are any illegal migrants, there in the country or not.

However, so far no legal provisions or Act has been passed regarding NRC preparation for the whole India except for Assam. For remaining states, NRC is merely talk and subject of politics. Assam, as well as West Bengal, are having a significant number of illegal migrants from neighboring countries like Bangladesh. Therefore, the implementation of CAA and NRC is a difficult task there.

But, if you are not living in Assam, then there is no need to think about NRC. Because so far there are no rules passed by the Government making NRC applicable for the full country!

So, for what purpose protest is required?

NPR: The national population register is prepared to calculate the population of India. NPR was first prepared in 2010, then updated in 2015 and now again it will be updated. No documents required to be submitted in this process. NPR is for the national population survey about how many men, women, what age, how much income, etc. Every country does the census calculation!

Now you can understand that all the above provisions are to protect our home-our country. And as you know our this home – “India” is One and is a family of all the Indian citizens from all religions. Then why as a family member of this home we are fighting and protesting.

As a learned young Indian, we can not be part of bad politics, fake news, and talks and waste our time and energy in disputes and protests. Because we’ve so many good things to do for our home – our Nation.

There should be a discussion and not protest for the solution of any problem or confusion.

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