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Replace, Reuse or Recycle the Plastic : Latest Innovations

Recylce, Reprocess, Replace Plastic

The Scenario

Plastic is the biggest pollutant of earth and the important reason for our environmental worry. Plastic waste endangers Oceanic and wildlife. Microplastic ( Plastic smaller than 5mm) is found everywhere in the freshwaters of rivers or lakes, in the sea or in food making the earth as Plastic planet. It is estimated that by 2050 oceans will have more plastic than fishes.

Plastic use has become part of our habit and that’s why a reduction in its use will be a slow process. And therefore, the way to reduce plastic pollution is to innovate how we can replace, reprocess or recycle it. Many high-tech research and innovations are done in this area, which also increases the startup opportunity.

The Solution

1. Edible Cutlery

During parties or functions we use plastic cutlery now it can be replaced through edible cutlery. Now plates, bowls, spoons, knives and forks can be made from millet, rice and wheat and therefore edible. This minimizes plastic waste. Companies like  Edible Pro, Candy cutlery, Bakeys foods are working to manufacture innovative edible cutlery. Here is the video of it


2. Edible Packaging

Generally, parcel food is packed in plastic containers. France based startup Lactips found the replacement of this plastic packing. They produce thermoplastic pellets based on milk protein which can be used for food packaging. Thermoplastic, as they mention, is water-soluble, edible and biodegradable and is environment-friendly. It can be used in detergent, agrochemical industry also.

3.Waste Plastic Homes and Roads

Stackable bricks can be manufactured from waste plastic and rubber. These bricks can be used to create quickly, durable and affordable housing for the needy. Columbia based startup Concepto Plastico is working on this technology.

Now as for bricks manufacturing plastic waste can also be used for road construction. Scotland based construction company Springfield Properties used plastic waste to build a road for housing development. The use of plastic waste in the construction sector is a very particle and affordable way to get rid of this environmental pollutant.

4. Eco Cooler

The Eco Cooler technique is used in Bangladesh. Waste Plastic bottles are used to create no energy eco cooler. It creates a natural cooling effect by warm air entering the large opening of the bottle and leaving through the thinner neck. Here is the video



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