When technology takes away most of the jobs, whether reservation will really serve any purpose?


When we use the word “Reservation”, our mind starts thinking about blocking some part or reserving something… for safety or security. This is an age of IoT (Internet of Things) – Artificial Intelligence is now replacing human being for many works. And in this every day changing atmosphere, a competitive world where technology also has become a competitor for the people, we are still thinking about quota and reservation! Why we are blocking one part of our mind or reserving it and not using it for growth?

Does cast quota and reservation will really serve its purpose for the generation X, Y, Z where the competitor is technology itself. Self-development is a fight against self, competition with the self, then why we need quota or reservation or to block some part of our mind for safety?

Does getting a job under reservation or quota will serve our life purpose really?  – is a question.

Reservation word is suitable when we are thinking about reserving the energy, power or the green environment or when we are thinking about reserving fund for future for growth or reserving something for others. But reservation, which blocks our mind and stops the self-development, is not required.

Because when God has given us unlimited power and there is no reservation in that, then why we need it, in this 21st Century.

What do you think?

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