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Wearable Pocket AC : smaller and lighter than mobile launched by Sony

Wearable AC

Extended summer and intensive heatwave are now becoming unbearable. To solve this problem,  Japanese Conglomerate Sony has launched wearable Reon pocket AC. It is a small device which you can keep in a pocket given and works as a portable air conditioner during summer or as a portable heater during winter.

How it is used?

The device is required to be placed in a pocket given in a special silicon material shirt that comes with the device. This silicon shirt can be comfortably fit underneath a regular business shirt.

About the technology used

Reon Pocket Ac is made using the Peltier effect. The device will be controlled through its support app. The device is smaller and lighter than a mobile phone. As per Sony,  the device is capable of cooling you by 13 degrees Celsius or heating you by 8 degrees Celsius. After 2 hrs. of charging its battery lasts for 90 minutes and you may get 24 hours of usage out of a single charge via USB Type-C.


The device is launched on Sony’s crowdfunding platform and is available in a price range of $117 to $ 175.As of now, the device is available for Japan only.

Check the video of how wearable pocket Ac works

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