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Searching for Startup Idea? Analyze Trade with…

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The difficult task

Searching and analyzing a startup idea takes a lot of time. First, you have to decide about startup product or service. Whether it will be saleable or not, have to identify consumer base and their requirement. Analyzing market data, demand trends, geographical requirements and after lots of research, but without any surety of product acceptance have to start the business

But have you thought about the product for which market is already available?

For that, we need to analyze the trade with China and the strategy it follows.

Here, we discuss that,

Chinese Strategy

Whether it is Chinese apps, Coronavirus, Chinese crackers, Chinese electronics or other Chinese product one character which defines all these is “Available at low Price or Free” and forget about quality. And therefore, Chinese items appeal to the mass and very easily it can enter and establish in the foreign market – whether it is India, USA  or European Countries. And by expansion in a foreign market, China makes that country’s economy dependent on it.

But as you know, what is available easily, cheaper or free, most of the times turn out to be harmful also!

Dependence is Dangerous

Whether it is through area wise geographically or economy-wise, China is continuously working to expand itself. And the World is bearing the results.

The unsolved question

There is not much difference between the population of India and China. Still, the Indian economy depends a lot on China as its imports from China are around 5 times more than its exports to China. Why it is so?

The Answer

Chinese app Tik Tok is eating away the precious time of Indians

Therefore, Now

Time has come, for India to reduce its dependence on the Chinese products and break the chain and Chinese Chakravyuh.  Because thereby only Indian products will have global exposure and Make In India will create huge employment and startup opportunities. Making the Indian economy a world’s leading economy.

One effort in this direction

Sonam Wangchuk, Indian reformer also started the movement to boycott Chinese products. He explained that Indian’s should use their wallet power and reduce the purchase of Chinese products to defeat the opponent.

So, what are you waiting for? Analyze the trade…

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