Why Indian millennial don’t need to study abroad and settle there ?


Before Covid 19, Canada was the preferred destination to study abroad because of the affordability and ease of processes. For Science-technical studies, students prefer Germany as more scholarships options available there.

And to settle abroad Indian HNIs preferred Australia and the US  because these countries provide a higher standard of living, good employment opportunities, first-class health care system and a clean environment.

But, India Emerging as a Superpower

India, the country of more than 1.38 billion people emerged as a clear winner in managing Covid 19 crisis. Indians have shown their health as well as economic immunity in managing the Corona. And we know the situation of the other so-called wealthy countries!

Thanks to the Indian leadership also, for taking the right decisions at right time to control and manage the whole Covid 19 crises successfully.

Education and job opportunities for Indian Millennials

With more number of IITs and IIMs coming up, improvised online education system, tie-up with foreign universities and the New Education Policy 2020, Indian millennial may not have to look outside India for further study.

The education, as well as the start-up policies of the Government of India, promotes and encourages research and innovation ecosystem. With “Make in India” and “Vocal for local’ initiatives, India has become the most prefered destination for foreign investment. This will encourage Indian millennial to become a job creator!

India: The fastest-growing wealth market

As per the Global wealth migration review report, 2019, India will be the fastest-growing wealth market in the 2021-2030 decade and its wealth may increase by 180 %. Financial viability, improved healthcare, entrepreneurship encouragement, improved It infrastructure, business process outsourcing, strengthening the real estate sector are some of the reasons contributing to wealth creation.

So, why to study or settle abroad? when India is a gold mine of opportunities!

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