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The Story of Super Teacher – Mathematician

The Story of Super Teacher – Mathematician
Super 30 Program

Who is The Super Teacher?

Anand Kumar the educationalist and expert mathematician from Patna, Bihar is the super teacher for the poor – economically underprivileged but intelligent students. With the Super 30 training program, Anand Kumar is providing teaching to such students to prepare them to clear the IIT-JEE entrance exam for admission to IITs ( Indian Institute of Technology). So far, 422 students of the Super 30 program got the admission to the IITs.

Super Teacher as ” Super Hero”

The “Super 30” training program is making the life of many poor and needy students. The program is conducted by Ramanujan School of Mathematics based at Patna which is founded by Anand Kumar. They conduct the entrance exam and select the candidates for Super 30 batch. The school does not accept any financial support for the program. However, they provide free teaching, study material, lodging facility for the one year to the selected 30 students of the program.

However, Journey is not easy

Anand Kumar won S. Ramanujan award and his efforts are recognized at international level also. But his life was not that easy.. While studying, he used to sale papads in the evening to support his family income. Due to lack of finance, he could not take the benefit of his Cambridge University Scholarship.

The movie based on his life starring Hrithik Roshan is set to release on this 12th July.

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