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The Sci-Tech Miracle! Drone carries Kidney to Hospital for Successful Transplant.

How it is done?
A drone conducted the flight of 3 miles carrying Kidney for the patient reached to the hospital University Of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) safely. Where kidney transplant operation was successfully conducted.
This system is known as Unnamed Aircraft Systems (UAS), under which drones are used to deliver medical products. Africa is already using some category of drones.

The Engineering: How the drone was designed?
This is the success of Science and technology altogether. The drone required customized design because to carry organ safely for 3 miles and flying over an urban populated area, is really critical. A custom eight-rotor drone was equipped with high tech machinery, onboard cameras and was having sufficient capacity to carry organ’s additional weight. For reliable performance back up power system was also installed. And to control the drone, monitor the aircraft’s status, and for communications with ground crews at multiple locations specially designed wireless mesh network was used. The drone was also having a parachute recovery system.

Combination of Efforts by Sci-Tech Experts.
The experiment was successful because of the combined efforts of Aviation and Engineering experts at the University of Maryland ( Because they managed Drone System) and University Of Maryland School of Medicine and the organ donating agency Legacy Foundation of Maryland.

How the invention will be useful?
Organ transplant process, itself is very difficult because a patient may have to wait for months and years for getting donated organ and then many times surgery may get delayed because organ may not reach on time to the hospital. For shorter distance organ transportation of organ, the drone technology may provide a good alternative.

The experiment shows how Engineering Innovation can be used to solve human problems.

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