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The ULEZ : London’s way to reduce Air Pollution


Air Pollution : The Silent Killer

As you know , air pollution is created by dust and particles coming from building construction sites, damaged roads and  gases produced by burning fuel. Air pollution may cause the breathing problem, Asthama , lung cancer, skin problems,  and many other lasting damage to the human body.  Air pollution can also reduce child’s lung growth by 5% and may also hamper brain development.

The Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ)

The World’s first 24 hour – Pollution Charge Zone   ULEZ went live in London – Central section from 8th April

What ULEZ is all about?

As per ULEZ, the vehicles that don’t meet new emission standards  as set by the Government, will have to pay daily charge of upto Rs. 9000 (£ 100) based on the type and size of vehicle. In addition to this drivers may also have to pay congestion charge, depending on time of the day like peak traffic periods. For non payment of charge penalties are also defined. The Transport for London website also offers directions and suggestions to the drivers and commuters about whether their vehicle meets emission standards or not,  using public transport or for using electric vehicles.

The Result

ULEZ has already reduced NO2 ( Nitrogen Dioxide) concentration from the air by 20% . Total number of vehicles running  in Central London ULEZ also reduced by around 11000 vehicles per day. The proportion of compliant vehicles also increased to 61%.

Indian cities are having much more critical level of Air Pollution , when we will take steps like ULEZ.

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