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Thoughts can be converted into audible speech through mind reading device!

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Due to Neurological problems, if people are unable to speak than “ exhilarating” ( exciting ) technology invention is there to help them. Scientists team of the University of California designed a system known as mind-reading technology which converts brain signals into audible speech.

How It is Done?

For this, they worked with five patients who were suffering from epilepsy and implanted electrodes on their motor cortex surface of the brain ( the part of the brain which sends the signal to the nerves to initiate muscular activity). Then they were asked to read 101 English sentences aloud, and during that, they recorded signals sent by their motor cortex to Jaw, lips, and tongue. The team set the algorithm of these signals – a computer simulation, which reproduces the sound of the spoken word.  The researchers claimed that for the first time, they can generate entire spoken sentences based on an individual’s brain activity.

For Whom it will be useful?

Those people who lost their speech due to any neurological disorder, brain stroke, throat cancer or brain injury may get the benefit of this technology and their speech can be restored through the device.

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