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Good News : Chinese App Tik Tok banned by Indian Govt.

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Chinese app tik tok, banned by Indian Govt. under IT Act,2000 due to security reasons

This is really good news!

Because Tik Tok was eating the precious time of its users

India is no.1 consumer for this Chinese Tik Tok app and the highest no. of its download from google play store done by Indians during Q1 of 2020. And lockdown has further fueled the growth of its download.

TikTok launched by Chinese company ByteDance is a short video making social media app. The short video created through Tik Tok can be shared with the world in a way you want.

So, How much time do Indians spend on Tik Tok?

During 2019, with a total of around 320 million downloads, Indians spent 5.5 billion hours on TikTok mobile app, making and sharing videos. India’s share is around 45% while China’s share is around 8% of the app’s total download across the world.

What’s the reason for the increased userbase in India?

The app is free to download and also allows free social sharing of the videos. Ease of use, entertaining features, no cost video creation, and free publicity by social sharing are the main benefits that attract the users for increased time spent on the app.

What impact on Society?

The app was banned in India last year for some time because it was considered degrading and spoiling the Indian culture. The cases of accidental death while recording the video on Tiktok were also reported. Women and children are using it and it may become abusive for them.

But TikTok’s owner ByteDance argued in the court that ban against TikTok “only hurts the civil right to free speech and “amounts to curtailing of the rights of the citizens of India”. Therefore, it shouldn’t be banned.

But the important reason is India is the Key Market for TikTok and generates a billion-dollar revenue for the company.

The Starterr View

India is having around 65% of its population below 35 years of age. It means it provides a very lucrative market for apps like TikTok. Therefore, app makers will take every possible step to attract Indian users. But it is up to us to decide, how as a youth we want to spend our time.

Have you ever analyzed, why Tik Tok download is free?

In India Chinese crackers are banned, people boycott Chinese products but for Chinese app TikTok, which is taking away the precious time of Indian youth, we don’t have any issue!

Coronavirus generated from China, and due to which more than 100 countries have to go for either full or partial lockdown. India’s estimated cost of lockdown is $4.5 billion every day. But during this lockdown also we are using Tik Tok generating a billion-dollar revenue to its Chinese makers!

Our question:

If the Tik Tok app is so useful and important then why Indian engineers don’t create an equivalent Indian app? Can you imagine how much revenue and job opportunities it may create!

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