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Be cautious: Using earphone, headphone and wireless audio devices.


What we do generally…

Whether it is jogging, driving or watching movies, nothing works out without this small piece of technology that is earphone, airpods or other Bluetooth devices. The apple airpods have become the fashion status symbol.

Our addiction to this type of audio devices is increasing day by day and with that, cases of hearing problems or disabilities are also increasing among the young!.

But need to be cautious, because

The continuous use of airpods, earphones, headphones or other wireless Bluetooth devices is harmful because of two reasons. The one is radio frequency radiation and the other is its level of volume frequency. 

  • As per the University of Colorado’s Biochemistry professor Jerry Philips. The placement of ear pods near the ear canal exposes our head to radio-frequency radiation. This might have several harmful effects on our brain cells as well as hearing ability.

Prolong use of headphones, earphones may damage eardrums and may cause vertigo also.

  • Similarly, as per the WHO report higher volume level on mobile devices like earphones, headphones may lead to hearing disability. Generally, we tend to keep a higher volume to avoid surrounding disturbance while watching the movie on mobile, during traveling or while listening to songs. And this volume generally tends to increase up to 80-90 decibels. And continuous listening to this level of volume more than 8 hours may cause permanent hearing disability.

Note that, exposure to loud sounds should not be more than 15minutes, else may result in temporary hearing loss or may cause the feeling of a ringing sensation in the ears. You may have experienced also!

Further, nowadays many r using voice canceling headphones or earphones while crossing the roads or while driving, this becomes very risky because they can not hear the surrounding voice and many times lead to accidents.

So, What Precautions Should we take?

  • Sharing of earphones may cause ear infections so avoid it
  • Avoid using high volume levels.
  • Take short listening breaks, and restrict the use of these earphones, headphones and other wireless Bluetooth audio devices to maximum one hour a day.
  • Read the instruction manual of every product before using it.
  • Strictly follow no use of headphones or earphones or Bluetooth devices while driving, crossing the roads. After all, life is precious…

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