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What Your Mirror Image Tells?

Mirror Talk

How many times do you see in the mirror in a day? Probably 7-8 times a day to check how we look…right!  But apart from our look, do you know our mirror image tells a lot…

Just ask one question standing in front of the mirror that“Is this the best version of me?” And the answer will solve your many problems.

If the answer comes yes, you will be the happiest person and will have a big smile.

But if the answer comes no, then you will ask why and mirror image will reply that you still need to perform better, you still need to put some more effort, something you need to sort out, though things are difficult, you can do it, just have to put more hard work – no other option. This reply of our mirror image may turnaround our life also.

So, whenever we doubt our capabilities, feel tired, and need expert advice, stand in front of mirror and talk to self. 

Virat Kohli’s mirror talk helped him to turnaround his career see the video

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