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Which are the Top 7 Necessary Apps to help in daily life


So many apps are there in the market and most of them are a waste of time. But we get stuck with it exploring how it will be useful. There are Social media apps, Video making, and streaming apps, Google apps, News apps, and games. But in using all this stuff, we never get to know about which apps are really useful to us.

So here is a list of top 7 necessary apps, that help in managing the day to day life.

1. Mint or Perifos: To Manage Finance

When it comes to managing personal finance, expenses,  bills, and EMI payments, the Mint app by Intuit helps a lot. You can see total bank balance from multiple bank accounts at a glance, view your bills, prepare budgets, get reminders of bills payment due date or insufficient balance and can check your credit score. However Mint is not available in India. In India Perifos app helps in easy money management by linking all bank accounts, tracking bills and monthly expense and managing budgets.

2. Pocket: To manage Knowledge

Came across an interesting article or video but don’t have time to go through it? Now you can store such interesting articles or stories or videos in the pocket app and can access it later on. You can save content from any apps, websites, blogs and even offline also. So, this one helps in managing knowledge.

3. Swiggy: Order Your Food – Groceries

As you know with this app you can order food online from the restaurant or hotel of your choice and get it delivered to your place. This year the company also launched its new ‘stores’ product for grocery and perishable items delivery

4. Head Space: For Meditation and Better Sleep

We live a busy and speedy life and therefore need to maintain health and remain stressfree is very important. This app guides about life-changing skills of meditation. And thereby also help in mental peace and better sleep. Essential app indeed!

5. Uber: To Book, a Ride

Uber, as you know, is the on-demand online cab booking application through which you can book a cab for your destination journey within the city or for outstation. You can also share a ride and reduce your cab bill!

6. Spotify: Enjoy Music

Music is all time refresher. There is a great thing said by Henrich Heine that “Where words leave off, music begins.” Spotify is an audio streaming application that serves you millions of songs of your choice. You can listen to global artists, classic music songs to the latest DJ’s.

7. Airbnb: To Book Holiday

Search for new travel places, holiday homes know about hotel rentals, travel experiences and book your holiday package through this app. You can also share extra space as a host and earn rental income!

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