Which is better- Google Meet or Zoom app?

The use of video conferencing apps/software has hit a record high in recent weeks due to remote working, social distancing measures and the long lockdown imposed.
Whether its friends meet or office meeting, two of the most popular platforms being used right now for video conferencing are Google Meet and Zoom cloud meetings.

So, which one is better? Here, is the comparison


Google Meet, available as an app as well as can be used from a desktop browser. Now, it is also integrated with our Gmail account. It is the business-oriented version of Google Hangout platforms

While Zoom is a product from another American Technology company, available as the application only. So, whether desktop or mobile you have to download it first then you can use it.

How many people can join one meeting?

With google meet, you can host high-quality video meeting with up to 250 participants. And unlimited no. of such meetings can be conducted free!

In the case of the Zoom app, you can host a video meeting with 100 participants free of cost. And with its paid version enterprise plus, can host a meeting with up to 1000 participants

Ease Of Use

For Google meet,  just share a link and invited guests can join with one click from a desktop web browser or the Google Meet mobile app. If the recipients have a google account, the meeting is automatically added to their calendar and a reminder is set.

In the case of the Zoom app,  just click on “Host a Meeting” and invite up to 100 people to join!. You can easily invite phone, email or company contacts. And as a participant, you can join a meeting as an interactive or view only webinar attendee.


With Google meet, you can share video, docs, presentation, the screen with meeting participants, but in this case, the Zoom is easy. Zoom allows sharing photos, audio-video clip, web and Google Drive, Dropbox or text, images and audio from mobile and desktop. And its video and audio quality is
really good even when you use the laptop’s webcam and microphone.

However, for those who have an issue joining through video, Google supports call-ins, which is not available in other videoconferencing apps. In zoom app call-in access costs extra. The real-time captions facility powered by Google speech-to-text technology is available on Google meet.

Both the apps allow recording of a meeting.


There are some security concerns, we need to consider while using Zoom app.

Zoom bombing is an activity where hackers or trolls gain access to a particular meeting and then send objectionable content. Therefore, a security update has been provided by the company, in which Zoom allows admins to disable personal meeting IDs to prevent Zoom bombing.

However, there are no such issues with Google meet


For a business meeting of up to 250 people, which requires optimum sharing of docs, videos or files Google Meet is safe and easy.

But wherein, more interaction, files sharing among meeting participants is required Zoom is preferred.





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