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Why Full Moon Makes Us Feel Crazy?


The Background

On July 20, 1969 , two people stepped on the Moon surface for the first time( Who ? Neil Armstrong and Pilot Buzz Aldrin)  . And now in 2019 , to celebrate its 50 yrs.  New York’s Hudson River Museum is displaying century of Lunar photography  and Lunar Paintings in American Art.

The Moon and The Emotions … what’s the connection?

The Brightest, coolest and the beautiful full moon make us feel crazy .. romantic or just nostalgic ( Sentimental). You know that the full moon affects the oceans and brings high or low tides. Our human bodies are also 70% made up of water and that is the reason why moon affects our body and thereby emotions. It drives our emotions same as the ocean water. Full moon means expansion, so keep your cool and stay alert whenever there is full moon because it may bring the best or worst out of you like high tide.

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