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Work Day Of 5 hours. Is It Possible?


Australian financial services company Collins SBA is offering its employees 5 hours workday. Its employees can leave the office between 1 to 2 p.m. , provided they reach to the office between 8 to 9 a.m.,  they don’t go out for lunch or coffee break because it is served by the company itself in the premises. Company also reduced its meeting hours and employees are given training to manage their emails. However, even if the workday is reduced to 5 hours, employees work responsibilities will remain same and they have to complete their work even if it takes more than 5 hours. So it’s like, flexibility is there , but work has to be done. But total actual working hours are far less than our routine  38 to 40 working hours a week.

The Benefits

Flexible working hour’s system work as motivator and encourages people to work more efficiently . The same work is done in a different way and with more concentration to complete it in lesser time . Employees sick leave reduced by 12 per cent. You know,  reduced working hours also reduces certain administration cost like electricity expense for the company.

Is it advisable? And what about clients

Company lost certain employees , with the introduction of  flexible working hours facility . Because all employees may not be able to change their mindset and ready to work more efficiently in lesser time. But it turned out to be a smart recruitment strategy, and company is getting more number of candidates applying for its job .

Till the time , clients  were not informed, they did not even notice the change. And overall clients were supportive and had no problem in adapting the schedule as mentioned by company’s managing director Jonathan Elliot.  However , some unsatisfied clients also treated the system as lazy. But company maintained its client service standards and output targets  so clients should not be at all impacted with the company’s work day system.

What you say whether in India, we can think about this?

What do you think?

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