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Zomato manages it all – From Ordering Food to Feeding India!

Zomato manages it all

The Announcement

Zomato India’s leading food tech giant has acquired Feeding India – the Not For-profit organization(NPO).4 yrs. old Feeding India works for the mission of providing “Food for everyone” by reducing and managing food wastage problem. It collects, manages and donates the food to needy people.

The Background behind the deal.

Zomato and Feeding India are already working together for the last 6 months. And because of the collaboration with Zomato, cities supported by Feeding India increased from 65 to 82. And no. Of volunteers also increased from 8.5K to 21.5K and they are now. serving 11 Lacs meals monthly   (Source: Inc42)

How the deal will work?

Zomato will bear the salaries and other core initiatives of Feeding India. However, Feeding India will continue to work as  Not For Profit. And funds raised by Feeding India will be used for further enhancing its mission only.

Zomato’s Smart Step.

Zomato being a  food tech giant, acquisition of Feeding India is its quiet smart step. Because it is already having the technical infrastructure and expertise required to expand Feeding India’s services. And the deal will also encourage the elimination of food wastage in India and will make the food available to all.

Thus, Now Zomato manages it all from Ordering Food to Feeding India.

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